Velocity Remote Manager

Your complete end to end network management tool for configuring and managing devices securely

Configure, Deploy and Manage Remote Assets Securely

Velocity Remote Manager (VRM) is a monitoring tool designed for organisations to keep a watch on their devices. Whether that is to gain an understanding on actionable insights from those devices to ensure the devices are performing effectively, VRM is a platform that enables you to work smarter. You can easily activate, monitor and diagnose hundreds or even thousands of mission-critical devices from a single point of command.

From configuring devices to updating firmware or keeping tabs on activity across the network which can be executed on a web browser all from your desktop, tablet or phone, your entire Velocity ecosystem becomes intelligently smart.

Manage your network the way you want to!

Velocity Remote Manager puts your in control in how you want to manage your network

Network security

Network Security

We understand organisations want advanced network security measures in order to mitigate threats and avoid a compromise in sensitive data and network breaches. Velocity is designed with security in mind and includes the use of advanced security protocols such as virtual private networks (VPN). Other security features include setting up Demilitarized Zones (DMZ), MAC filtering, IP filtering, port filtering and port forwarding provide a standards-based security solution for connecting and managing remote assets, enabling customers to guard against malicious access to sensitive data.

Firmware updates

Firmware updates

IoT devices in this age have become smarter, intelligent and feature rich having to perform tasks at the edge. They are far from static and are dynamic in their nature. Firmware updates are often required in order to enhance functionality, deployment of patches are required in order to reduce threats of security risks and keeping your devices will be required to comply with corporate security and governance policies. Velocity Remote Manager allows you to take control of all your devices out in the field by deploying firmware updates in minutes even if your network has many thousands of devices.

Configuration management

Configuration Management

IoT device management tools require flexibility in order for organisations to manage their remote assets. Velocity Remote Manager is a platform that allows your devices to be configured either in groups or individually allowing you to take full control in the management of devices in your network. Your devices can be configured as an access point providing Wi-Fi coverage, client access networks can be configured which utilise your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and you can define the order of network preference keeping you in control in the management of your network.

Health monitoring

Health monitoring

Velocity Remote Manager is an always on platform and keeps you alert even when out of your typical operational hours. As your IoT monitoring solution, it can send you alerts and furthermore, Simoco can run reports on the status of your network enabling your staff to turn insights into meaningful actions. At any time, they can troubleshoot devices remotely, restart devices if required enabling you to work effectively and smarter.

Velocity Remote Manager Features

Providing you centralised visibility and 24/7 remote monitoring

Network security

Network Security

  • VPN
    Devices can be configured with a secure VPN connection ensuring sensitive information is encrypted.
  • Demilitarized Zones (DMZ)
    Allows administrators to form an extra layer of security and protection against external attacks.
  • MAC filtering
    Additional security measure limiting specific MAC addresses across the network.
  • IP filtering
    Provides a mechanism in blocking your network from intruders.
  • Port filtering
    Allowing or blocking network packets into or out of a device or the network based on their application (port number).
  • Port forwarding
    Allowing you control in managing remote connections to your network.

Analytics and insights

Analytics and Insights

  • Reports
    We can provide tailored reports to match the requirements of your organisation.
  • Location services
    Track and map your devices’ location data and GPS coordinates.
  • Bandwidth Consumption
    Shows data received and transmitted over carrier network for an individual device or groups of Velocity devices.
  • Event performance history
    Gain detailed analysis on your devices such as memory, debug reports, temperatures and much more.

Connection management

Connection Management

  • Access Points
    Configure your devices as W-Fi- access points.
  • Client access networks
    Allowing you to utilise your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure at fixed locations thereby increasing bandwidth and bringing you cost efficiencies.
  • SIM failover and redundancy
    Creates resilience in your network.
  • Connection history for each Velocity device
    Get logs of all your devices.
  • Network preference
    Dictate your preferred choice of bearer.
  • Real time diagnostics
    Facilitate maintenance and troubleshooting.​
  • Event logs
    For troubleshooting.

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