Sedona Fire

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Sedona is picturesque, self contained, town located in Grand Canyon country. Surrounded by giant redrock monoliths and deep cut river canyons, it’s a beautiful place to live and visit, but a challenging environment in which to deploy a radio system. So when the Sedona Fire department decided to upgrade its radio system including Simulcast and Voting technologies, the standards were set as high as mountains that surround this small Arizona community.

The objectives of the system were to enable reliable radio communications throughout the greater Sedona area on the same RF channel whilst being easy to maintain with equipment as similar as possible to existing systems. The key challenge being to manage the overlapping coverage, deep canyons and low lying zones
with three transmit and nine receive sites throughout the coverage area.

As Bob Motz of Sedona Fire District commented,

We wanted the flexibility of an IP backhaul network but tried several IP based radio backhaul products that plain didn’t work and we did not know whether Simulcast RF was really going to provide reliable coverage in Oak Green Canyon.

The good news was that the Simoco Dalman Solar Simulcast solution with its simple plug and play IP technology fi tted the bill perfectly enabling the Microwave backhaul network to support an array of services in addition to radio including VoIP, internet access and Windows server client.

In the event, it became clear that the initial scepticism was unfounded, Sedona Fire Districts experience radio engineers delivered the system to a rigorous role out plan progressively installing and testing each site to an established plan before moving on to the next site.

We did not have to change the delay off set from zero, line fail talk through worked great, Knox release tones and DTMF passed through the system no
problem and our Mobiles could not tell when they were in overlap Bob continued.”

Concluding his comments, Bob highlighted the benefits of the Simoco Dalman Solar Simulcast System by saying,

the Solar System is built with the right philosophy; we could use our existing base stations it was simple integrate and maintain and most importantly, it had the right price tag!

And that’s three very good reasons for you to consider Simoco Dalman Solar for your Simulcast Radio solution.