First Line Maintenance

First line maintenance is typically defined as help desk/technical support. Our 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) is staffed by highly qualified and exceptionally experienced Simoco Wireless Solutions engineers, providing a non-stop service with expert knowledge of our customer base, locations and leased equipment.

We conduct a triage process the moment a call is placed to eliminate operational downtime, asking a series of common fault questions which often eradicate the need for any operational impact at all. From there, an appropriately skilled engineer for the precise situation will be allocated.

An asset database confirms the customer’s type of equipment, identity number, serial number and Service Level Agreement (SLA) so appropriate action can be taken within minutes. Remote diagnostics into all radio systems throughout the UK enable lightning-quick fixes.

Faulty equipment is collected by pre-paid courier directly after a call is placed, so equipment turnaround is guaranteed within 72 hours. And, in the event of equipment needing replacement, we offer equipment exchange on batteries, antennas, chargers, and radio components such as side panels, keypads and control knobs.

Should an on-site engineer visit be required then this time is included within the managed services contract too, while fault ticket numbers are allocated for future reference.