Second Line Maintenance

Second line maintenance is carried out on site. Teams of Simoco maintenance engineers make reactive callouts when needed and also carry out proactive routine visits to check equipment – these are known as Preventative Maintenance Inspection (PMI) services.

Tailored customer service visits incorporate a full equipment audit, reprogramming of equipment to the latest operational requirements, and the replacement of any equipment required, whether radio kit or ancillary hardware such as keypads, antennas, and batteries. We also provide a last used date for all equipment, to assist with the customer’s internal radio management, and provide a report on all data captured at each visit.

Should additional equipment need to be delivered or a new equipment setup need to take place, our expert radio analysts are trained to understand individual organisations’ operational requirements, so as to program their equipment to work as effectively and efficiently as possible.

A dedicated account manager provides a single point of contact for contractual discussions, equipment requests, escalation of issues and updates on wider Simoco direction, which ensures that all our second line support customers have a direct and personal relationship with our team.