Driving operational efficiencies for local councils with next generation communications networks

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With local authorities facing budget cuts, restricted resources in delivering essential local council services to the public in both urban and rural areas and tougher challenges to meet the needs of staff and the areas they cover it is imperative that you have the right communication systems in place. Local councils and government agencies manage a diverse and disparate portfolio of parks, public facilities, roads and social services. When visibility and response time are key factors in your ability to allocate tasks and effectively respond to disasters, your communication network must deliver continuous connectivity, voice clarity, and reliability.

Mission critical communications have a key role to play in meeting these challenges through smarter and more efficient communications that deliver ubiquitous connectivity and seamless mobility to local councils and their key stakeholders. Many local council authorities are attempting to use a mix of legacy systems and disparate technologies to manage growing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) requirements. This can include analogue radio systems or public cellular networks, both of which provide a number of drawbacks from poor coverage to reduced reliability and limited security.

Increased efficiencies and cost reduction can be realised through the use of a resilient, scalable and secure telemetry communications network that also delivers digital voice communications, customised to meet your operational requirements. Our Simoco Xd DMR solution provides users with a perfect choice for managing the transition from analogue to smarter communication systems. Simoco’s unique IP-based Tier III network, supports a rich feature set that enables local authorities to improve the provision of both voice and data communications and empower operational teams and workers in the field.

Simoco Xd provides a flexible migration path for users currently operating analogue systems and devices, while also allowing for the provision of additional applications, ranging from GPS tracking to mapping services. Simoco Pulse enables organisations to deploy SCADA telemetry applications over narrowband DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) using data modems and remote telemetry units (RTUs). Using Simoco’s DMR Tier III Xd wireless radio infrastructure as the comms carrier, Simoco’s Pulse enable SCADA applications to be quickly and cost effectively deployed across large operational areas.

Transitioning to smarter technologies with greater operational efficiencies

Local councils looking to transition from analogue communication systems to smarter technologies are often faced with a daunting task. With communication networks essential for the management of critical projects and infrastructure from public transport to large scale events, disruption is not an option. In addition to this, organisations must navigate a complex range of technologies, often with restricted budgets. At Simoco we provide expert consultancy to ensure organisations have the right technology in place for the right job. From our DMR and SCADA technology, to additional services including LTE, we help local authorities ensure they have a network in place capable of unifying a wide range of voice and data communication technologies. By doing so we can provide local authorities with greater operational efficiencies driven by improved reliability, smarter use of data and simplified network management.

Providing a resilient Simoco Xd DMR Tier III system to support operations for Dubbo Regional Council

The Dubbo Regional Council is a local government area located in the Central West and Orana regions of New South Wales, Australia. It comprises an area of 7,536 square kilometres, a population of over 50,000 and occupies part of the central western plains of New South Wales. Simoco upgraded the council’s legacy analogue two way radio system with a five site Simoco Xd DMR Tier III system in VHF hi-band. All radios encompass Man down and GPS for user safety and the Reveloc dispatcher software suite provides GPS tracking to support the council’s operations.

Wagga Wagga regional council benefiting from a Simoco Xd DMR Tier II system

The city of Wagga Wagga serves more than 63,000 residents with an annual budget of $110 million. Its council manages more than $1.47 billion in assets, including a 2,300km road network, Wagga Wagga Airport, Livestock Marketing Centre and the Oasis Regional Aquatic Centre, as well as a range of important community facilities. Simoco deployed a DMR Tier II system for the council utilising Simoco Extend with real time monitoring of assets using the Simoco Reveloc AVL software suite.

How Simoco can help your local council with next generation communications networks

Simoco can help you enhance workforce communications by delivering next-generation digital voice communications, with options for enhanced functionality like multiple user groups and integration with other platforms. Our enhanced SCADA and telemetry solutions enable councils to benefit from real-time monitoring, network optimisation, delivery of proactive maintenance programmes and the remote implementation of commands and updates in a variety of operational areas from transport to building management. We can help your citizens and service users to access high-speed Internet for the effective delivery of critical information and the management of services from benefits and housing arrangements to healthcare and education.

Watch this video on how we assist the modernisation of local governments with best in breed communications technology. Contact us today to arrange a consultation and how Simoco can help with your communication challenges. For further information regarding Simoco’s wireless solutions, please send us an email at info@simocowirlesssolutions.com.