Deploying a ruggedised and transportable rapid deployment repeater for the mission critical environment

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SRB250 Rapid Deployment Repeater

Setting up two way radio communications at an emergency incident can be a challenge. Incidents such as bushfires raging in the wild, outbreaks of fire in urban areas, occurrence of natural disasters  such as localised flooding or emergency mission tactical scenarios require public safety agencies to have the right communications technologies in place before these emergencies hit.

The Simoco SRB250 is a transportable rapid deployment repeater that is designed to provide radio coverage to a critical incident, emergency situation or extends existing Public Safety systems, either analogue or APCO Digital P25. It provides deployable “on demand” coverage for vehicle and portable radio users in VHF or UHF. It is an ideal solution to keep public safety and government agencies connected.

The benefits of deploying a Simoco rapid deployment repeater

Quick and rapid deployment

Organisations can extend their current P25 wide area coverage or setup a dedicated communications network at the scene in minutes with the Simoco SRB250 rapid deployment repeater. It is robust and reliable, secure, easily transportable and can withstand the physical demands of the mission critical environment.

Link radio capability into a GRN

With an added option of a link capability to the suitcase repeater, the SRB250 rapid deployment repeater is flexible enough to provide greater coverage where GRN blackspots exist. The link with a GRN also provides the added benefit of passing voice information from the local talk group and repeat into a GRN radio and out onto the selected GRN talk group, this allows integrations with other digital operators or systems. The link capability also provides GRN connectivity and enables command to control events remotely.


Link radio into GRN

Ruggedised pelican® enclosure

The transportable repeater comes in a rugged, dustproof and waterproof pelican® briefcase with IP55 rating. Customisation is available with choice of colour options which allows you to choose a colour that best suits the application.

Deployable by non-technical staff

The repeater has been designed for easy deployment even by non-technical staff with limited knowledge of professional mobile radio systems.

Battery operation

Two internal Lithium Ferro Phosphate batteries are equipped inside the repeater which allows for up to 20 hours operational use in the field. It also has an inbuilt battery management and charge indicator.

How Simoco can help your organisation to meet modern mission critical requirements

Make sure your organisation stays connected for emergency incidents. Get in touch with Simoco to find out how we can help with your mission critical communication requirements. For further information regarding Simoco’s suitcase repeater systems, please send us an email at or contact us by completing this form.

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