Optimising Battery Performance: A Comprehensive Guide to Battery Awareness

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Optimising Battery Performance

At Simoco Wireless Solutions, we offer a comprehensive guide designed to enhance battery awareness and optimise the performance of communication systems. In mission-critical environments such as public safety, utilities, and transportation, reliable communication is non-negotiable. Battery awareness ensures that backup power systems, such as those used during power outages or emergencies, are always ready to kick in. By proactively monitoring battery health and performance, organisations can minimise the risk of unexpected downtime and maintain seamless communication channels. We advise customers that portable radio batteries have a manufacturing life cycle subject to the number of charge and discharge cycles before they lose performance.



Optimised Performance:

Batteries are subject to degradation over time, impacting their capacity and efficiency. Battery awareness solutions provide insights into battery health and usage patterns, allowing organisations to identify potential issues before they escalate. By optimising charging cycles and managing battery loads effectively, organisations can extend the lifespan of batteries and maximise their performance. As a guide, Simoco Wireless Solutions expect that a battery after 300 charge/discharge cycles @ 25 °C, would have a capacity of no less than 80% of its rated capacity at time of supply. After 500 charge/discharge cycles @ 25 °C, the battery capacity should be no less than 60% of its rated capacity

Cost Savings:

Proactive battery management can result in significant cost savings for organisations. By prolonging battery life and reducing the frequency of replacements, organisations can lower maintenance costs and minimise downtime associated with battery failures. Additionally, by optimising energy consumption, organisations can reduce overall operational expenses and contribute to sustainability efforts.


Although your battery is designed to the highest standards, if mistreated (and being a chemical product), it still has the potential to overheat, expel noxious gases, and potentially catch fire, causing personal injury. As such, it is most important that you follow the care instructions in this guide.

  • These battery packs are only intended to power Simoco portable radio terminals. DO NOT use to power any other equipment;
  • Only use Simoco-approved battery chargers to charge the battery pack and follow the charging instructions accompanying such chargers.
  • DO NOT open, dismantle, disassemble, modify, destroy, crush, deform, puncture, shred, expose to physical shocks, repetitive strains, or impact forces excessive enough to compromise the casing, heat, burn, incinerate, solder onto terminals, short-circuit, or subject the battery pack to other forms of mechanical, thermal or electrical abuse as this may expose its potentially hazardous and highly flammable contents;
  • As a precautionary measure, avoid leaving the battery pack unattended in flammable environments or on combustible surfaces (such as during charging). This is because in a fire scenario, its presence in will severely limit fire-fighting options – especially when multiple battery packs are present;
  • Regularly check for any signs of abnormal leakage, strange smells, colour changes, unusual textures, or alterations in size. If detected, dispose of the battery promptly; and
  • DO NOT reuse a damaged or deformed battery (physical, thermal, or electrical damage).

Temperature Management:

Temperature plays a crucial role in battery performance and lifespan, making it imperative for organisations to maintain an optimal operating temperature range. Here’s a guide on managing temperature to maximise battery life and reliability in mobile radios:

•Keep within a -20 °C to +60 °C temperature range.
•Maintain a temperature between ±0 °C to +45 °C.
•Short-term storage (<1 month): -20 °C to +45 °C.
•Long-term storage (<6 months): -20 °C to +35 °C.

Avoid leaving batteries in vehicles or in direct sunlight for long periods where temperatures can rise rapidly.

Safety and Compliance:

Battery awareness solutions play a critical role in ensuring safety and regulatory compliance. By monitoring factors such as temperature and voltage, organisations can mitigate the risk of battery-related hazards such as overheating or overcharging. Compliance with industry standards and regulations is essential for organisations operating in regulated environments, and robust battery management practices are key to meeting these requirements. Battery awareness is a critical aspect of maintaining reliable and efficient communication systems. By leveraging innovative solutions from Simoco Wireless Solutions, organisations can enhance battery management practices, optimise performance, and extend the lifespan of their communication infrastructure.  Our solutions empower organisations to stay ahead of battery-related challenges and ensure uninterrupted connectivity in the most demanding environments.

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