Simoco’s Commitment to Security, Infringement, Compliance, and Interoperability

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Using Interoperability Mission-critical communications

Ensuring the security integrity and Interoperability of communication channels is paramount for mission-critical communication solutions. Infringement poses a significant threat to the reliability and effectiveness of communications solutions, particularly in mission-critical scenarios where seamless communication is essential.

At Simoco we prioritise the development and implementation of robust security features to safeguard against unauthorised access, interference, and cyber threats. By integrating advanced encryption, authentication mechanisms, and intrusion detection capabilities, Simoco’s equipment ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of communications, even in the face of evolving security challenges. We remain committed to ongoing research, collaboration with industry partners, and compliance with regulatory standards to continually enhance the security posture of its wireless communication equipment, thereby empowering users with trusted and resilient communication solutions.

Our radios are designed with a meticulous focus on meeting and exceeding industry standards and regulations. Through rigorous testing and adherence to global guidelines, Simoco ensures that its radios consistently comply with the latest regulatory requirements. From spectrum allocation to emission limits, each aspect is carefully scrutinised to guarantee seamless interoperability and reliability in diverse operational environments. By staying abreast of evolving standards and actively participating in regulatory discussions, Simoco demonstrates its commitment to providing cutting-edge wireless solutions that not only meet but also anticipate the needs of their customers while ensuring compliance with regulatory frameworks worldwide.

Our radios excel in interoperability, facilitating seamless communication across various networks and systems. Built with advanced protocols and open standards, Simoco radios can effortlessly integrate with existing infrastructure, regardless of manufacturer or technology. Whether deployed in public safety, transportation, or industrial sectors, our radios ensure smooth interoperability, enabling interoperable communications between different agencies, organisations, and departments. Our commitment to interoperability extends beyond hardware compatibility, encompassing software flexibility and interoperability testing to guarantee smooth communication exchanges in real-world scenarios. Users can rely on consistent and reliable connectivity, fostering collaboration and efficiency across diverse operational environments.

A great example of this can be seen in our use case working with Toowoomba Regional Council.  Simoco Wireless Solutions partnered with Telstra to improve the radio network, significantly improving the radio coverage from 60% to over 90%, along with automatic vehicle location (AVL) capabilities. Paul Antonio, Mayor of the City of Toowoomba was happy with the project solution and stated, “It means that we are well prepared for all kinds of events in a way that we were never prepared before.”  If you would like to read the full case study, Click here.

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