Simoco Xd DMR Tier II Dispatcher

Comprising a range of selected dispatching solutions tested with our ETSI compliant products Simoco Xd Dispatch Solutions are tailored to meet the needs of Simoco’s users worldwide. From a single Tier II conventional site through to multi-site Tier III trunked networks. Simoco Xd Dispatch Solutions enable operators to stay in command of radio communications. Combining resilience with ease of deployment Simoco Xd Dispatch Solutions are DMR Dispatcher consoles that integrate with the Simoco Xd DMR radio system. Drawing on Simoco’s expertise in Voice over Internet Protocol communication solutions and featuring intuitive user interfaces, Simoco Xd Dispatch Solutions bring a high degree of functionality to Business and Mission Critical operations. In all cases, IP connectivity offers high resilience and easy deployment on modern telecommunications networks. Whilst allowing changes in control room configuration or system expansion to be easily handled. Highly configurable user interfaces link the operator seamlessly with both the core radio system and terminal devices.

Brand equivalent: HP or Dell desktop equivalent model
Processor: i3 Processor
Memory: 4GB RAM
Storage: 250GB HDD
Operating System: Window 10 Professional 64 bit
Loudspeaker: 3.5mm mic and speaker jacks
Screen Resolution: 1280 x 768 pixels
Screen Colour Depth: 16-bit colour depth
Environment: Screen and PC Duty Cycle appropriate to the intended deployment
  • Open standard interface
  • Full range of DMR call modes
  • Scalable
  • IP connected
  • Voice recorder output for training and analysis
  • Intercom for inter-operator communication
  • Telephone interconnection increases operator productivity
  • Messaging feature for Status and Short Data Messaging
  • Input/output connections to control auxiliary devices
  • Touch screen operation for ease of use
  • Connections to control auxiliary devices
  • Multiple operator capability allows the dispatching system to be scaled in-line with operational needs
  • Use of IP connectivity enables rapid deployment and high reliability
  • Compatibility with leading voice recorder suppliers gives access to a number of recorder/logger solutions
  • Telephone connectivity with SIP exchange takes dispatch operator communications beyond the range of the radio network
  • Dedicated inputs and outputs give the operators remote control over auxiliary devices for example a door lock