Xfin Voice Recorder

The Xfin Voice Recorder is a powerful software application which enables recording and playback of all Xfin calls from a standard specification PC.

No longer is there a need to playback a sequential stream of all recordings for various tasks, as the voice recorder provides a system for recording, archiving and retrieving various recordings which is defined by the user. Information at your finger tips.

The Resourcefulness of the Xfin Voice Recorder gives the user the power to filter playback information on demand. Recording can be filtered by date, time and calling party. It is possible to filter calls so that only ones on a particular Xfin Blade or defined group of Blades are displayed in the list. This ability to locate essential information quickly and conveniently results in the completion of various administration specifications and task related requirements.

Each voice recorder server supports up to 32 channels. Xfin IP flexibility enables the addition of any number of additional servers anywhere in your network. Each server in the network acts as a component of a single distributed network system. Distributed architecture enables almost limitless expansion in addition to resilience and fallback solutions – just like any other IT server solution. All information in all servers is available to any user at the click of a mouse.

Processor: 2.0GHz
Monitor (resolution): 1024 * 769
Storage: 500GB HDD
OS: Windows 10 Professional
Notes 1: Trunked & PMR options available
  • Fully Scalable
  • Storage Capability
  • 100 Channels Per Server
  • Distributed Architecture
  • Store & Retrieve Multi User Networked Access
  • Parameter Based Report Filtering
  • LAN Connectable to Xfin
  • Client Software Loaded on Standard PC