SB2025NT-T/N P25 Simulcast/Voting Base Station Repeater

The SB2025NT-T/N Simulcast Base Station offers market leading P25 performance in a robust, reliable yet compact 2U form factor. Designed and built to exceed industry standards, the SB2025NT-T/N is a spectrum efficient solution, perfectly suited to wide areas of coverage.

Building on the plug and play principles of analogue Dalman simulcast systems, SB2025NT-T/N integrated simulcast and voting controller offers enhanced resilience and full remote management of base station networks, while interfacing in a cost effective, compact component based P25 system.

SB2025NT Overview

  • Simulcast technology synchronises duplicated channels in a wide area network to avoid interference between adjacent radio sites.
  • Digital VoIP signals are better defined and more consistent than their analogue counterparts, enabling the synchronisation task to be ‘processor controlled’.
  • SB2025NT-T/N incorporates an RSSI voter which can operate in talk through mode with simulcast transmit.
  • Easy to deploy base station, with intuitive set up and simple remote management.
Frequency Bands: 148-174 MHz, 400-435 MHz, 435-470 MHz, 763-775 MHz (TX), 793-805 MHz (RX+), 850-870 MHz (TX), 805-825MHz (RX)
Channels: 255 DFSI selectable
Channel Spacing: Analogue - Programmable 25/12.5 kHz / Digital - 12.5kHz
Antenna Connections: Rx,Tx both N type female
Channel Capacity: 2000
Modulation: Analogue - Direct FM two point method / Digital - C4FM
Operating Temperature: - 30 to +60˚C (-22˚ to 140˚F)
Physical Size: 2RU Height x 19” rack mount
Supply Voltage: 13.8 +/- 20% or optional AC mains input
Models: SB2025NT-T – Traffic Manager + Network Interface
SB2025NT-N – Network Interface only
Frequency Stability: 1.5PPM
Modulation Fidelity: Less than 3%
Power Output: 100W
Symbol Deviation: 1.8kHz
Audio Bandwidth: 300Hz to 3000Hz (+1,-3dB)
Distortion: Less than 2% @ 60% deviation
Intermodulation Immunity: Better than 82dB blocking better than 100dB at +/- 1MHz point
Sensitivity: Better than - 117 dBm for 12 dB SINAD, typ -120 dBm. P25 - Better than - 117 dBm for 5% BER
APCO P25: • Front panel status indicators • DFSI interface option for IP connected dispatch console • Mixed mode repeat - analogue and digital • NAC can be unchanged or defined • Remote diagnostics • Transparent P25 repeat - passes encrypted voice transparently
Options: • 4-wire analogue dispatch console interface (via central NI) • Duplicated traffic managers for high reliability • SNMP traps for alarms