The next generation of smart solutions that provides reliable mission critical applications in the public safety, transportation, utilities and government sectors.

Velocity EC-800

The EC-800 is a range of products that provide organisations a high performance intelligent communications platform built on edge computing architecture with high speed broadband connectivity for reliable and always on mission critical voice and data communications.

Velocity Remote Manager

Velocity Remote Manager is an end to end management solution to support the centralised management of remote devices using 4G/5G LTE and/or Wi-Fi.

What does Velocity do for your organisation?

Combining Technologies

Combines your technologies into a single platform

Velocity is a revolutionary device that truly offers a converged platform for mission critical voice and broadband data services. Offering a truly unified communication experience, Velocity is designed to handle any critical situation improving co-operation and seamless communication. It provides organisations the resilience, always on availability and quality that is expected in a mission critical business tool.

Unified Communications

Unifies your mission critical communicaitons

Increased complexity in your communication technologies adds extra demand on your mission critical communication systems. Keep your people connected with extended range in your vehicles through unifying communications regardless of communication technology and bearer. Velocity provides users seamless transition between LMR and LTE networks. by intelligently picking the best bearer dependent on signal and is able to effortlessly switch between LMR or LTE to provide quality uninterrupted communications.

Convergence of devices

Convergence of Devices

Velocity has adapted its technology with the rise of the digital age and no longer do users have to control the workings of a mobile radio with a fist mic. This is made possible by controlling all elements of the radio through either a tablet device or smartphone. It also allows you to extend your mobile radio through the choice of Simoco product or third party peripherals such as credit card readers, printers, generators and so forth as well as utilisation of device ports.

Investing in a partner you can trust

Simoco has been installing mission critical systems spanning 80 years - providing solutions that support the transmission of voice and data smartly and securely, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are a long term partner you can trust in managing your communication network. Today’s investments must ensure that technology is future-proof, ready for the coming demands, however and whenever they arrive. By investing in Velocity, organisations can minimise their future CAPEX, boost productivity and profitability as well as maximising operational efficiencies.

Velocity Features

High speed Internet connectivity

  • High performance
    Velocity brings high performance LTE in fixed harsh environments or in vehicles which allows always on connectivity to mission critical users.
  • Wi-Fi access point
    Velocity is designed to serve as a Wi-Fi hotspot allowing mission critical users’ to connect within Wi-Fi range.
  • Connectivity to applications
    Third party systems can be accessed to perform a number of broadband enabled tasks such as video streaming or satellite technology using Wi-Fi connectivity to the Velocity gateway helping to achieve intranet, VPN or Internet access.
  • Pathway to 5G
    As 5G services roll out globally, customers have the option to upgrade their networks to become 5G ready for the future.

Push to talk technology

  • Automatic LMR or LTE carrier selection
    By using highly reliable enterprise Push to talk over cellular (PoC) services over LTE, Velocity has the intelligence to monitor and select the best transmission signal carrier to deliver mission critical voice and data, keeping your workers connected in more areas.
  • Seamless roaming
    Customers that are reliant on LMR networks for mission critical voice can have the confidence with a seamless experience when roaming outside their LMR networks. Velocity will automatically re-route the call to its destination via LTE which will virtually be unnoticed by the user. Voice conversations will sound clearer and more natural.
  • Minimal downtime
    Velocity's increased availability of networks keeps your workers connected for even longer with minimal downtime significantly improving efficiencies in your organisation.

Operates on tablets and smartphones

  • Ruggedised tablets or smartphones
    For customers selecting the EC-830 device, Velocity extends the workings of voice and data through LMR networks into an application that can run on standard ruggedised tablets or smartphones.
  • Purposefully designed for vehicle networking
    Many organisations rely on field workers that require access to the same tools as they would have in the office. These tools need to be made available and accessible anytime and anywhere, even for workers in vehicles, on the move and remote sites. With Velocity, organisations can better manage their business operations by knowing the location and status of all their mobile assets.
  • Bluetooth connectivity
    A number of wireless Bluetooth accessories such as remote speaker microphones and push to talk accessories can be be paired for clearer communications and ease of use.

Velocity Remote Manager (VRM)

VRM is an end to end management solution to support the centralised management of remote devices using 4G LTE and/or Wi-Fi. Other features include:
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostic from system logs
  • Mass radio configuration and firmware updates
  • Connection history for each device
  • HTTPS connection to VRM web server
  • Secure transmission between VRM sever and end devices via (MQTT TLS protocol)
  • Support for all modern browsers
  • A subscription offers software updates to the EC-800 device


Build automated workflows with NodeRED

  • Automated workflows
    The addition of NodeRED inside Velocity provides an array of behavioural workflows which provides organisations the flexibility they need to easily build and program their own applications as well as the ability to interact with a range of devices and networks.
  • Customised workflows for your organisation
    Simoco Wireless Solutions can provide a fully customised experience for your organisation by creating tailored workflows that match your business requirements and processes which will significantly improve operational efficiencies.
  • Typical use cases
    From connecting to databases, sending email or SMS notifications or hooking into weather RSS feeds for showing alerts and much more, the possibilities are endless with Velocity powered by NodeRED.

Success Stories

Manufacturing plant selects Velocity

Manufacturing plant selects Velocity for integration into their critical communications network reducing down time and increasing productivity.

Australian construction company selects Velocity

Australian construction company selects revolutionary edge computing device, Velocity to deliver a highly reliable and effective alerting solution.


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