City of Victor Harbor Council

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Background and Challenges

The City of Victor Harbor, situated 80 km south of Adelaide, faced a significant challenge in ensuring the safety of its employees working in remote areas with limited or no phone coverage. The council was relying on a single-site analogue radio system using Simoco SRM mobile radios on a trunking network primarily for voice communication. However, this system did not provide the necessary safety features required to manage emergencies efficiently.

The council was in search of a solution that could enhance safety without incurring ongoing costs. Lacking knowledge about the latest radio systems available in the market, the City of Victor Harbor collaborated with Simoco to explore different radio technologies. The primary goal was to upgrade their radio system with safety features provided by a digital radio system.


After careful consideration, the council selected Simoco DMR Tier III for its reliability and advanced safety features. The system’s ability to provide live tracking was a pivotal factor in the decision-making process. Simoco’s DMR Tier III not only offered near live GPS tracking but also included features such as lone worker and man down alerts. This upgrade allowed the council to address safety concerns effectively, especially for employees working in remote areas.

The Simoco Radio system was also capable of GPS tracking for assets, including trailers, integrated with vehicle tracking and portable radio tracking. This comprehensive solution enabled the council to have a unified system for tracking assets, people, and facilitating emergency responses.

Key aspects influencing the decision to choose Simoco

  • No ongoing costs – The council appreciated the cost-effectiveness of the solution.
  • Redundancy – The system offered redundancy, ensuring continuous communication even in challenging situations.
  • Local support – The presence of local support was crucial for the council’s operational needs.
  • After-sales support – The commitment to after-sales service and customer support played a significant role in the decision-making
  • Cost-effective and reliable – Simoco’s solution was deemed the most cost-effective and reliable in the market.
  • Australian ownership – The fact that Simoco was an Australian-owned company with local R&D support added to the appeal.
  • inquiry.

The new DMR Tier III system has proven not only to be reliable and resilient but is playing a major role in enhancing Work Health and Safety (WHS) for on-call and emergency works. This in line brings an efficient emergency response process and ensures the safety of our council staff throughout the day.
Michael Ross – Operations Manager at City of Victor Harbor


Live tracking
The system provided near live GPS tracking, enhancing real-time monitoring of personnel and assets.
Asset tracking
The inclusion of GPS tracking for assets like trailers ensured comprehensive asset management.
Lone worker and man down features
These safety features helped in monitoring and responding to emergency situations promptly.
Ruthless pre-emption feature
In emergency scenarios, users could communicate effectively, ensuring a swift and coordinated response.

Equipment deployed

  • 2 x SDB680 50W bases
  • 26 x SDM610 AC band radios and 6 SDP660 portables
  • 1 x Velocity
  • 4 desk bases

The successful implementation of Simoco’s solution not only addressed the safety concerns of the council but also provided a reliable and efficient communication infrastructure for day-to-day operations. The ongoing customer service and support further solidified the positive impact of the decision on the City of Victor Harbor.

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