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Join the Simoco Wireless Solutions and Thorcom team at BAPCO and discover how we are changing the way communication is defined. Whether you are interested in the latest emerging technologies or exploring ways to enhance your current communication networks, you won’t want to miss this free to attend event.

Some of the topic we will cover include:

Asset Management – Police, fire and ambulance are responsible and accountable for high-priced equipment in vehicles and building sites. Keeping track and managing these assets has become increasingly challenging for emergency service organisations. Powered by Velocity, an intelligent communications hub provides the emergency service sector a platform complemented to provide a solution for high speed, reliable communications with broadband connectivity. Edge computing which is at the heart of Velocity provides insights to enable faster, smarter decision making for better outcomes. Simoco will be demonstrating this at next week’s BAPCO event.


Wearable technology – Traditionally police, fire and ambulance personnel have an emergency red button on their portable radio which when pressed sets an emergency call to a control room as well to colleagues. Although the audio and location are relayed to the control room, in extreme situations personnel may not be able to press that button. A biometric sensor picks up the officer’s heart rate and provides significant indication. This contextual information can provide what actions need to be taken within seconds rather than minutes which it would typically take over radio. Simoco will demonstrate how wearable technology using Velocity can provide that contextual information back to the control room in the event of distress or in situations where personnel are unable to use their portable radio.

Thorcom VX-4200MCPTT voice and data solutions – organisations in the public safety and critical infrastructure verticals are looking to move towards mobile broadband communications based 3GPP technology standards. Changing from voice-centric narrowband to critical mobile broadband with data-rich services, can enable significant enhancements to daily operations. It can also help forward-looking organisations deal with evolving challenges and requirements, while equipping them with a much wider range of capabilities and powerful set of functionalities to improve situational awareness and decision making. Thorcom will demonstrate it’s VX-4200 device which is a high-performance Android based vehicle communications platform for next generation voice and data applications on the Emergency Services Network (ESN).

We look forward to seeing you there!

When: 8-9th March 2022
Where: Coventry Building Society Arena
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