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The date is fast approaching for international expo and plenary MEGATRANS2018; held at the Melbourne Convention Centre from the 10th to the 12th of May.

MEGATRANS2018 is a key event within the Australian and international supply chain sector, bringing together those who plan, implement and control the efficient, effective forward flow and storage of goods, services and related information from product inception to the end user.

Simoco will be joining a varied host of exhibitors, including those representing organisations operating in fields of road, rail, air and sea transport, warehousing and infrastructure, and materials and handling as well as safety.

Supply chain management – Communication is key

Supply chains for organisations in Australia can stretch from coast to coast, and beyond, and when dealing with operations across such vast areas clear reliable communication is a must.

At Simoco we provide a range of critical communication solutions to ensure that organisations can track their fleet vehicles and communicate with operatives and stakeholders across their operational area.

What we offer

At the show we will be discussing our solutions that are suitable for supply chain organisations. This will include Simoco Xd, our DMR technology and the Simoco Bridge gateway, which allows organisations to add a range of additional functionality to a digital mobile radio network. These include text messaging and email services as well as advanced applications, including alarm system and IoT integrations.

We also offer telematics solutions, which allow users to monitor all aspects of their fleet and asset portfolio with dynamic mapping, and long term data banking and analysis for short and long term improvements. Machine to Machine communication cuts out unnecessary processes, streamlining workflow in ways that can be customised for each business.

Delegates will also hear about how to integrate the Simoco Push app into communication networks. This app provides smart phone users with the ability to access radio networks, including advanced instant group or individual communications. Users can connect at the push of a button from any Android or iOS device without the use of a radio.

The right expertise

In addition to offering a wide range of technology, we can also offer organisations access to engineers with expert knowledge of engineering communications for the transport industry. We understand the complex challenges faced by organisations in this sector, such as environmental pressures caused by weather and varying terrain, and the demands of communicating with a large group of stakeholders. Simoco Wireless Solutions has provided complex communications infrastructures to government and private institutions across Australia, and our representatives would be very happy to see you at MEGATRANS2018 to discuss your particular requirements.

If you would like to speak to us about your communications network visit our stand 3719 at MEGATRANS2018. To find out more and to book passes to the show please visit their website.

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