Xfin Blade

The core of the Xfin system is the Xfin Blade unit. Each single channel Blade unit is a replicable system component which when connected together enables the construction of single or multi site Xfin Systems, dependant upon the software option selected. Xfin IP Soft Switch connectivity between Xfin Blades enables up to 32 channel units at a single site and up to 300 networked sites.

IP Soft Switching

Xfin IP soft switching leverages IP Multicast technology which enables network traffic to be delivered to multiple recipients without adding any additional burden to the network. It is this capability that enables the broadcast functionality common in radio communication such as Group Calling to be readily handled within the IP environment.

System Management

A powerful Windows XP programming package enables remote system configuration and diagnostics, call logging and management reporting. Auto-population database and high speed configuration downloads over Ethernet enable highly effective and rapid management either on or offline whilst diagnostics and reporting data can be exported to reporting tools.

Frequency Response: +1dB to -3dB pre-emph 300–3000Hz (25kHz), 300-2500Hz (12.5kHz)
Stability: ± 2.0ppm
Intermodulation: >40dB Tx >70dB Rx
Hum and noise: >40dB (12.5kHz) >45dB (25kHz)
Tx rise time: <25ms
Sensitivity: ≥12dB SINAD for 0.3μVpd (12.5kHz)
Environment: IP20 Humidity <95% non-condensing
Audio response: ±3dB de-emph 300-2550Hz (12.5kHz with CTCSS)
Distortion: <5%
Blocking: >95dB at ±1MHz
Power Output: 25W, 50W or 100W - 100% Duty Cycle
Software Options: Single site or multisite options
Modulation: F3E (voice) pre-emphasized/flat, or FFSK data (1200 or 2400bps)
Frequency Bands: E0: 66-88MHz. AC: 136-174 MHz. K1: 174-208MHz. KM: 208-245MHz. MHz. R3 335-400 MHz. TK: 400-450MHz. TU: 400-480 MHz UW: 440-500MHz. WR: 470-530MHz.
Temperature: -25˚C to +55˚C Operating (100 Watt differs) -40˚C to +80˚C Storage
Antenna Connect: 2 x 50Ω female N-type
Environmental IP20: IP20 ingress protection, Humidity <95% non-condensing
Inputs/Outputs: Serial interface with 1x audio connection (RJ45 – front panel) 2x line/audio (2/4-wire) with E&M signalling (2x RJ45 with internal shield) Programmable facilities connector (37 way D-type) 2x RS232 serial connections (9 way D-type, RJ45 with internal shield) Ethernet IP interface (10/100 base-T magnetic RJ45 with external shield) USB connector (Type-B USB Socket) PSTN connector (6/4 RJ-11 socket)
Type Approval: CE Type approvals to R&TTE Directive 1999/05/EC: EN300-086 Radio, EN300-113 Data, EN301-489-05 EMC, EN300- 219 Signal, EN60950 Safety, TBR15, 17 and 21 Line
Dimensions: 44mm(1U) High x 437mm Wide x 450mm Deep (Excluding cables and ears) (In Wall Mount) 125mm High x 465mm Wide x 470mm Deep
Weight: 6.95 kg
  • MPT1327 standard with terminal inter-operability
  • 1 to 32 channels
  • Dedicated & non-dedicated control channel
  • 9,000 subscribers
  • Lone worker (without the PC Dispatcher)
  • 1000 groups
  • Subscriber management (registration, 70 fleets, access levels, white list, unit barring, ESN check)
  • Telephone interconnect for every channel
  • Voice calls (group, broadcast, emergency & priority)
  • Call queuing pre-emption & diversion
  • Channel pooling
  • Data (status, short & non-prescribed)