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UTC 2018 is coming up at the beginning of May in Palm Springs, California, with the usual mix of workshops, technical education sessions and summits from thought leaders throughout the utilities industry. Simoco Wireless Solutions is exhibiting, and we can’t wait to share our mission-critical communications solutions with decision makers and delegates across the sector.

We work across all areas of the utilities industry, for organisations ranging from electricity and water suppliers, to oil and gas and mining companies. The industry is broad and diverse – yet many of these companies face very similar challenges. Central to all of them is the rise of the smart grid era.

The smart grid secret: scalable data

The evolution of smart grids has come as electricity supply networks have started using digital communications technology to monitor usage. They can then use this data to react to fluctuating demand.

Now, that same technology can be used for a wealth of further smart purposes – such as rapidly identifying and isolating faults along an oil pipeline, or managing the distribution of water throughout a supply area.

They all depend on being able to build a resilient data communications network, often across a vast physical area, which can be rapidly deployed and scaled to meet future growth. These networks need to be able to transmit large volumes of data at high speed and often over narrow bandwidth.

Simoco’s smart grid solutions

We offer a range of technologies to help utilities companies build secure and scalable smart grids, all of which we will be showcasing at UTC 2018.

For rapid deployment of scalable data communications we offer our Simoco Xm mesh radio technology – an Ethernet radio network that can be quickly integrated with your existing communications to add data capabilities.

Simoco Pulse covers our portfolio of Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) solutions, which can combine voice and data to deliver a cost-effective approach to unified communications. Our range of Gateway products enable the SCADA masters used by many utilities organisations to seamlessly interface with our digital radio infrastructure, so once again you can harness your existing technology as you move to a smart grid future. Meanwhile, our fully distributed IP architecture is more cost-effective and easy-to-deploy than traditional architectures.

We even offer a range of microwave radios, as a cost-effective solution for transmitting large amounts of data through narrow channels over great distances.

Utilities expertise

To complement this range of technology, our engineers have vast experience across all corners of the utilities industry. We understand the complex challenges faced by organisations in this sector, from responding to dramatic fluctuations in demand, to environmental challenges caused by rugged terrain, confined spaces, air pollution and temperature extremes. This means we can engineer reliable communications networks for utilities providers, no matter what ground they need to cover and what services they need to offer. We keep your communications always-on, so that your customers’ utilities are always on too.

Kickstart your smart grid with FREE radios

Not only are we exhibiting at UTC 2018, we’re also offering a giveaway of a free pair of Simoco Xm Ethernet Radios – our best-in-class radio modem for overall data throughput and reliability. They are software-defined radios, meaning that they allow for both Ethernet and serial communications, and offer the perfect field test for your organisation as you move into a smart grid future.

Interested in hearing more? Make sure you come to find us at stand 1406.

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