Industrial IoT 4.0

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While the number of smart and connected devices continues to grow at an expeditious rate, IoT is no longer just about monitoring equipment performance. Increasingly, the value of IoT comes from collecting machine data to distinguish efficiencies that can be made for improvement. In today’s unprecedented global economy, routine visits to check a machine’s status or service can be an unrealistic and costly exercise. Remote monitoring of Industrial IoT devices offers several benefits to manufacturers of all sizes. Connected IoT devices make operational and performance data about machines fully accessible anywhere and at any time. Autonomous manufacturing with IoT allows key decisions on changes in strategy to be made instantaneously to match the data.

The lack of IoT in the industrial setting and gaining knowledge about the status and performance of a machine requires a physical visit to collect basic operational information. Shop floor management with IoT solutions can provide real-time data about machine performance. Data can then be analysed to look for patterns and understand production effectiveness.

Increasingly, organisations are utilising IoT solutions to help in better understanding energy use, how to manage it, and how to reduce consumption and costs. Many industrial organisations are only able to monitor aggregated energy consumption for an entire facility, not on the shop floors. The global energy crisis has caused the industrial sector to better look at reduction methods. IoT is constantly being taunted as the solution to improve efficiency, through energy management that can portray data on power consumption for each machine on a shop floor. That data can be examined for usage patterns to time-shift heavy energy use and even develop corporate sustainability goals.

Simoco Wireless Solution’s IoT device is adaptable to all connected markets including 4.0 industrial. The device is able to utilise sensors, NodeRed and big data correlating through edge computing in real-time.  The diagram below indicates some of the sectors within Industry 4.0 which Velocity operates.

Velocity use cases within Industry 4.0

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