Shaping the Future of Communications at Comms Connect Event

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As the Comms Connect event approaches, the anticipation for Simoco Wireless Solutions exhibiting is building. With our track record of innovation and commitment to advancing communication technologies, Simoco is set to showcase the future of communications. Whether you are in public safety, transportation, utilities, or any other industry reliant on effective communication, Simoco’s solutions can offer valuable insights and solutions to enhance your operations. This blog gives insight into what will be showcased at the Comms Connect.


The edge computing market is reshaping industries by providing real-time data and control. Our edge computing solutions enable organisations to connect and monitor devices, vehicles, and assets seamlessly. This is particularly valuable in industries like transportation, mining, and utilities, where monitoring and efficiency are paramount. We will be showcasing our refuge chamber solution which allows for emergency remote monitoring of occupant well-being, remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance and underground voice and data communications.

Mission-critical broadband communications

Thorcom, a Simoco Wireless company will showcase next generation communication solutions for public safety agencies who are constantly challenged in ensuring they have the most robust and adaptable communication systems. On display will be the Parallel bearer bonding technology using InStream which provides 99.999% uptime and “Vehicle as a Node (VaaN)” technology transforming the vehicle from beyond a mere mode of transportation, but rather becoming a node of multifaceted connectivity and information exchange.  Also on display will be our all-in-one device for response vehicles with MCPTT supporting and facilitating instant communication, allowing teams to stay connected in critical situations. These solutions are ideal for public safety agencies, where rapid response and coordination are essential.

P25 Phase 2

Built on the proven platform the SDM600, we will be introducing our P25 Phase 2 technology which allows for enhanced capacity and efficiency, interoperability, improved audio quality and the ability to integrate with Velocity.

Infrastructure-free Communication Solutions

Our infrastructure-free communication solutions allow companies to say goodbye to costly infrastructure setup while enabling seamless communication without the need for extensive towers or cables.

Product Showcases

We will have an impressive array of products on display, including state-of-the-art DMR radios, edge computing solutions, and in-vehicle communication solutions. Attendees can get hands-on experience with these technologies and see how they can benefit their organisations.

Simoco is known for its commitment to educating the industry. Peter Scarlata will host an informative presentation titled “The Future of Communication Networks Embracing Infrastructure-free communications solutions”, sharing insights on the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the world of wireless communications. Make sure not to miss the presentation scheduled for the opening day of the exhibition at 2:45 PM in Theatre 3.

Simoco experts will be available for Q&A sessions, allowing attendees to get answers to their specific questions and gain a deeper understanding of Simoco’s solutions. You will be able to visit Simoco Wireless Solutions at stand 25 during the Comms Connect exhibition, so get ready to connect, collaborate, and communicate like never before!

You can register for the event via the link