Xfin Trunked Dispatcher

The flexibility and functionality of the Xfin Blade System extends to the Xfin IP Dispatcher. Xfin IP connectivity enables Dispatcher functionality to be software controlled from a standard LAN connected PC. The software package creates a feature rich intuitive GUI that aids effective and rapid call handling.

Call stack information is presented on the main screen offering visual indication of all incoming calls. Colour coding of call details in three categories: emergency, priority, normal means that Dispatcher staff can prioritise the most important traffic. Peer to Peer IP connectivity and group working enables calls to be presented on multiple dispatch terminals simultaneously with dynamic call status updates as calls are dispatched.

Xfin Dispatcher Team Working enables each Dispatcher to be allocated to a team or ‘COLLEGE’ regardless of their physical location. Each Team or College, with specific screen profile and call stack enables you to target specific traffic to particular dispatcher teams. Dynamic group function enables the spontaneous creation of groups on request. What’s more, with IP connectivity and distributed database technology, Dispatchers can be located anywhere there is a network connection, enabling cost effective remote working and disaster recovery solutions.

Processor: 1.8 GHz
Monitor (resolution): 1024 * 769
Storage: 250GB HDD
OS: Windows 10 Professional
Headset: To avoid disconnecting USB to change headsets, a corded headset with 3.5mm jack to USB connector is recommended
Footswitch: Herga 6289 general purpose footswitch
Desktop mic: Buddy desktop mic 7G
  • Short Data Messages (100 Characters)
  • 32 Pre Programmable Status Messages
  • Colour Coded Call Stack Prioritisation
  • Call History
  • Call Diversion
  • Real Time Call Stack
  • Multiple Dispatch Groups
  • Group Calls
  • Distributed Database Technology
  • Software Loads on a Standard PC*
  • LAN Connectable to Xfin
  • College ID – enabling Dispatchers to be grouped in teams
  • Fully touch screen enabled with on screen “Smart Touch” keyboard
  • Individual and Group Profiles
  • User Accounts (security log-in)
  • Dispatcher Intercom Via IP
  • Multi Style Dispatcher Themes
  • Address Book - Radios / Dispatcher / Telephone
  • Dynamic Groups
  • Full Telephone Function via the Xfin Blade using (POTS/E&M/AC15)
  • Auto Group Functionality
  • Speed Dials for Groups and Radios
  • Via IP (needs adding after Dispatcher Intercom)
  • Links for External Call Logging via Web Services
  • Custom Sound Prompts for Calls
  • Directory Dialing
  • Dual Trunked / PMR Dispatcher options