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IWCE 2018

The countdown is on to the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) 2018, which takes place from March 5th to 9th in Orlando, Florida. We’re looking forward to packing up our exhibition materials and travelling out to the Sunshine State – especially as we have a raft of exciting new technologies to share with delegates.

The drive to data

At Simoco Wireless Solutions, we have been developing data-driven communication technologies for many years now. As the Internet of Things (IoT) era becomes increasingly embedded and diversified, and communications technologies such as telemetry systems are applied in multiple sectors, forward-thinking organisations can no longer rely on voice alone.

Turning legacy voice communications networks into combined voice and data networks carries a whole raft of advantages, from enabling employees to access applications on the move, to capturing previously untapped data from across your network, and using it to inform real business decisions. Nevertheless, we’re aware it’s not always as simple as merely migrating from one system to another. Assuming that you want to maintain at least some of your legacy technology for at least a certain period of time, and you’re looking at an integrated, unified communications project.

Our exhibition

That’s why we’re taking the opportunity at IWCE 2018 to exhibit our new range of data-enabling communications technologies, specifically designed for transmitting data across wide areas. These technologies are being delivered through our exclusive partnership with communications equipment manufacturer RACOM.

We’ll be showcasing:

Simoco Xm mesh radio technology: An Ethernet radio network designed specifically for data communications. It can be used to extend existing networks, and can be rapidly deployed and scaled to meet current and future requirements. It is capable of transmitting data at high speeds over a narrow bandwidth, Simoco Xm features a Native IP Device and IPSEC Security, as well as SCADA protocol support.

Cellular routers: Designed to fulfil SCADA and telemetry requirements, our cellular routers can be used in conjunction with the Simoco Xm Ethernet radio to combine LTE – 4G/3G and UHF/VHF licensed radio in a single network. They include a Native IP Device, 2G/3G/4G capabilities and support for SCADA protocols including Modbus, DNP3, IEC 60870 and others.

Microwave communication technologies: Our microwave solutions are especially useful in remote and outdoor locations where more traditional data communication infrastructure such as copper or fibre is not available. They are a cost-effective option for transmitting large amounts of data through narrow channels over long distances, are simple and easy to deploy, and are highly sensitive and resilient to interference.

Simoco Pulse: Our proprietary Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) solution.

Smart grids, smarter energy

For organisations in the utilities sector in particular, the smart grid era is well underway, putting providers under increasing pressure to create consolidated, data-driven communications networks that capture and analyse a wide range of information in a smooth and seamless way. All of the technologies we are exhibiting can help electricity, water, oil and gas, and other energy organisations to create future-proofed smart grids in a smooth and seamless way.

To find out more and to book passes to the show please visit the IWCE website and join us at both 2535 in Orlando.

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