How IoT enabled technology provides housing associations the tools before major issues arise

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There are over 1500 not-for-profit housing associations across the United Kingdom, with 2 million homes lived in by over 5 million people. The sheer amount can often leave long delays for property repairs and upkeep, with many slipping through the cracks, leaving housing associations with significant repair bills. When a property hasn’t been maintained or severely neglected it can cause further problems such as mould and dampness. In some instances, faulty or broken equipment such as a fire alarm or carbon dioxide alarm can be dangerous and against the law with possible penalties.

Velocity is an intelligent IoT device that uses edge computing at its heart which allows the device to be connected to an array of sensors that can detect humidity, air quality and the ability to integrate into certain alarms such as smoke or carbon monoxide alarms. This data can be relayed in real-time on a dashboard which can truly be customised for housing associations. This enables housing associations to monitor and maintain dwelling conditions, ensuring their properties are not putting the occupants at risk. Notification warnings can be sent when levels are approaching an unsafe level with SMS or emails sent to relevant personnel. An example of this can be when Velocity is set up to monitor humidity and consistently low levels triggering a notification to the housing organisation to investigate the issue before damage might occur like condensation. The average UK house pays over £1700 to rectify the mould issue caused by condensation.

Velocity is an intelligent mission-critical device that ensures constant updates are monitored and sent in real-time to the office. We offer bespoke customisation to make certain each customer’s needs are met.

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